How to Build a Simple Hydroponic System


Do-It-Yourself projects are becoming easier and more sought after. People can save money when they learn how to build a simple hydroponic system. Growing your own vegetables is an amazing way to save money, and now people are exploring using water works systems to grow water loving veggies like lettuce. See below for some steps on how to build a simply hydroponic system. The system below will focus on a ‘water culture’ system which is the most simple and inexpensive hydroponic system to build.

1) Get a container you can fill with water that won’t leak. This container is going to hold five or more gallons of water. The ideal container would be a fish tank.

2) Paint the tank or container black or put a garbage bag over it because you want it to be light-proof. You don’t want to have light promote the growth of algae or absorb nutrients and oxygen.

3) Measure the length and width of your container. Cut a piece of Styrofoam 1/2 inch less wide than the width of the container.

4) Cut round holes in the Styrofoam with sharp box cutters or other tools. The holes will be where you will place the net pots.

5) Put the net pots in the holes in the Styrofoam. Space them accordingly. Be sure that light is allowed to reach the top of the plants.

6) Place an air line pump in the bottom of the container. Be sure to have the proper pipe for whichever size your container is. It’s imperative to have the right pump so enough oxygen gets to the roots of the plants to allow them to thrive.

7) and Final Step- Putting it altogether:
a) Fill reservoir with water/nutrients
b) Place the cut Styrofoam in your tank
c) Run the air line through the tank
d) Place on plant in each pot and put the pots in the holes in the Styrofoam
e) Plug in the pump and watch your plants start to grow!